Yoga Therapy and Wellbeing

Yoga Therapy and Wellbeing

Making Yoga accessible and affordable for everyone.

Making Ayurveda and Yoga accessible and affordable for everyone.

Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy

About Us


Chelsea is a 200hr qualified Healthcare Yoga Teacher. She undertook her training in Dharamsala which is in the beautiful Himalayan mountains of India.

Unlike other courses, her training focused on different ailments and how the tools of yoga can be used as a complimentary therapy to help people re-balance, heal and grow.

"I do not have the classic body shape of the 'Instagram Yoga Practitioners', my body is naturally quite inflexible and through my own practice, I have added blocks, straps and bolsters to help my body achieve certain postures. I believe this has provided me with some invaluable tools and understanding to help people in their journey with yoga."

After practising yoga for more than 5 years, and it helping with her own chronic illnesses, Chelsea began to think about how sedentary lifestyles can lead to poor health and how those who were in hospital and bed bound, or with limited access to physical activity, could find themselves on a long road to recovery. This inspired her to try and share the benefits she had found in yoga, to help people on their journey.

Why Wildflower Yoga Therapy?


The tools of Yoga can be instrumental in helping improve the quality of life for anyone suffering from a physical or mental health condition. At Wildflower Yoga Therapy, we have experience with conditions such as:

  • ​Back Conditions

    • Sciatica​

    • Scoliosis

    • Chronic Lower Back Pain

  • Mental Health​

    • Chronic Stress​

    • Anxiety

    • Depression

  • Neurological Conditions​

    • Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH)​

    • Parkinson's

    • Headaches/Migraines 

  • Cardiovascular

    • Hypertension​

    • Poor Circulation

  • Others​

    • Arthritis​

    • Diabetes

Yoga is so much more than the physical practice of asanas (postures). Here at Wildflower we use the full tools of Hatha Yoga to bring your mind, body and soul into balance