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Ayurveda is one of the worlds oldest medicinal systems dating back to over 6,000 from India.

It is a holistic medicinal system, where health is not just considered as physical, it is also emotional and mental.

An Ayurveda consultation is a deep dive into you, learning about you and discovering your constitution, which is you at your healthiest. We can then apply treatment, including lifestyle changes, diet, manual therapy and herbs, to help bring you back to your balance, to your healthiest.

Ayurveda is not a one size fits all approach, all treatments are catered completly to the individual.


A consultation is required before any treatments take place. If this is your first session, please book a consultation.


90 min Ayurveda Consultation: £67

60 min Ayurveda Treatment: £49

30 min Consultation Follow Up: £33

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Chelsea is trained in a range of manual treatments. Please note that no treatment will be applied until a consultation has taken place.

Abhyangam - Oil Massage

Used to to counteract the stress of daily life and bring nourishment to the body

Udvartanham - Dry Powder Massage

Great for fibromyalgia, fatty liver, PCOD, MS, High cholesterol and cellulite

Pinda Sveda - bolus massage

Certain herbs are wrapped in a muslin cloth, heated and then applied to the body. Used for arthritis, lower back pain, ankle sprain.

External Vasti - hot oil treatments 

Used for back and knee pain

Shiro Pichu - hot oil treatment

Applied to the head for hairfall, stress, anxiety and insomnia

Svedan - Sweating treatments

Used for gas, bloating, sciatica