Everything You Need to Know About Prenatal Yoga

There is no doubt that you have heard or been told about the amazing benefits of Yoga during your pregnancy, and perhaps you are interested to know more or even try a class. Here we have everything you need to know, throughout every stage of your pregnancy.

Disclaimer: Always seek out a trained prenatal Yoga teacher for your practice and attend specialist classes rather than open classes. Not all Yoga teachers are trained in prenatal Yoga.

Your First Trimester

Your first trimester can be a difficult time, experiencing many different symptoms and changes with your body can be a challenge. During this time you are probably looking at developing some new healthy habits to help support your body and your lovely new little life that is growing inside of you. The first trimester is an incredibly important phase for the development of your child, we want to focus on creating the perfect environment for your new life. You should not practice the physical aspects (asana) of Yoga during this period of your pregnancy. Use this time to focus on Pranayama (breathing) practices, along with relaxation practices such as Yoga Nidra and Meditation. Your key focus should be to reduce stress to create the best environment for your baby.

Your Second Trimester

From your conception, your body will have started to produce higher levels of the hormone, Relaxin. Relaxin effects the connective tissues in your body which allows your womb to expand during the growth of your baby. It also effects your muscles and joints and makes you much more flexible. During this phase of your pregnancy, it is important to focus on strengthening the muscles within your legs and your lower body. This will not only help support your joints, but the practice will also prepare your body for the additional weight you will be carrying as your baby grows. It's important to remember within your Yoga class to never go to your 100% range of motion, always give yourself plenty of space to ensure that your don't overstretch your very flexible joints.

Your Third Trimester

Now that your baby's development is well underway and growing strong. Your third trimester is all about focusing on you and preparing for the birth. Breathing exercises (Pranayama) should be your main focus, which will help you relax not only during the final stage of your pregnancy, but will help you through your labour. Your physical practice should be close to the ground, gentle and focus on hip opening. Props will be your best friend, using bolsters and blocks to help support your body and create deep release and relaxation.


Don't forget about your Yoga practice once you've had your baby! Yoga can help bring your womb and muscles back, not to mention provide you with some much needed me time during this busy period of your life.

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