Foundations of Yoga - Hyper-mobility

The "Foundations of Yoga" series is based on topics that we discuss in our weekly Foundations of Yoga Class. Monday's at 5pm UK time. The class is for those that have some yoga experience and want to ask questions about a particular practice. Maybe there is a pose you find difficult, a pranayama practice you would like explained in more detail or you are having problems with a joint and want to know how to modify your practice. The class is an open forum for discussion.

Anatomy of a Joint

Before we get started, here is a brief bit of anatomy about a joint.

A joint is where 2 or more bones meet. The joints we are referring to within this blog are synovial joints.

In a synovial joint, the bones are joined by ligaments and surrounded by a synovial membrane which is filled with synovial fluid.

What is Hyper-mobility?

Hyper-mobility is a condition that effects the joints within your body and makes you more flexible. Technically speaking,