On Demand | In Person | Live Online

Chelsea uses yoga therapy to help support you physically and mentally. Offering a wealth of services that can always be catered to you as an individual.

On Demand Yoga

Our on demand Yoga videos focus on physical and mental health. Classes range from 5 mins to 60 mins long and arranged into various different series, including restorative and mental health practices.


£12 per month for unlimited usage

£100 for 1 year (saving you £20).

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1:1 Sessions

Think of Yoga Therapy just like physiotherapy, all sessions are catered to you and focus on what you and your body needs at that time. Providing you with a focused plan that will help you feel better in your mind and body.

Group Classes

Thursday - 07:45 - Wake & Shake - Robyn's Yoga Studio - BOOK HERE

Friday - 10:00 - Gentle Yoga - Yoga Bodhi - BOOK HERE


In Person Yoga

Chelsea's Yoga classes are focused on Yoga Therapy, whether you have a 1:1 class or join a group class. Group classes are Hatha focused and catered to those that are in class that day. Classes can be focused on specific areas of the body such as the lower back or speciality classes like the vagus nerve.

Classes can be strong and powerful or gentle and relaxed depending on what everyone needs on that day.

Chelsea also specialises in working with pregnant people, teaching prenatal yoga and hosting regular workshops with the Maternal Circle Collective.