- Yoga in Schools -

Yoga for Children

Children's yoga is an incredibly creative and experimental experience, which brings relaxation and

Classes for KS1 and KS2 are designed around a theme, such as the jungle or the ocean and we go through a journey with yoga poses, yoga activities and guided meditations.

For KS3 and above, classes are more traditionally focused, breaking down poses and focusing on breathing exercises along with deep relaxation.

Children face the same pressures and experience as we do in our adult lives, by practising yoga they can benefit from: 

- Enhances Flexibility

- Improves Strength and Coordination

- Brings a sense of calm

- Improves Concentration

- Helps with behavioural issues

Classes can be incorporated as part of your curriculum during school hours, or held as after school clubs.

Our teachers all have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Yoga for Adults

Having yoga in your school, doesn't just have to be for the children, it can also be for the adults too. We've had amazing success with teachers and parents practising yoga outside of school hours. Holding classes within the school, outside of school hours.

- Prices -

Classes can be provided and paid for by the school or alternatively run on a pay per student basis, with £1 per class per student being donated to charity

Price per Class

£50 for 1 hour

Price per Person

£5 per Student/Teacher

*Minimum of 8 per class required

Bulk discounts available on request